Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

By Rayshon Walker

The first of two second semester parent teacher conferences were Thursday, January 28th. The first semester has officially wrapped up as students successfully trudged their way through the first half of the school year. Parents were eager to see their students’ progress or the areas they need improvement in.

Parent involvement is a significant and primary part of a student’s education. Parent teacher conferences are an opportunity for parents to meet with the teachers of their student and discuss how they are performing in the classroom. During the conversation, the teachers often mention the progression of the student or the area in which the student is struggling.

The next chance for parent teacher conferences is February 17th at Whetstone High School also from 3:00-7:30.

Mrs. Richard’s, a 10th grade biology teacher, says about conferences: “It is important to get face to face time with parents to be able to talk to them about their students progress and find out what the parent thinks needs to be done so each student can be successful.” She also talks about how every conference night she has had so far has been booked.

For the majority of teachers at Whetstone High School, their main priority is to make sure their students are successful and produce nothing but the best every time they step into the classroom. Parents should also feel the same way, wanting their child to perform at a high level.

Parent involvement is so important because the children 100% need their support. Many parents are not involved which causes a decrease in confidence and causes their child’s grades to suffer.

Ms. Chesnut, a math teacher at Whetstone High School also explains the importance of conferences: “Parent teacher conferences allows the communication to happen between the parents and the teachers so that the parents can be on the same page as the teacher or get any misunderstandings cleared up so they can see to it they are here for the same reason which is for the student to succeed,” she states.

This is Ms. Chesnut’s first year at Whetstone High School. Her attendance at conferences so far this year has been absolutely packed. “Lots of times there’s a line outside my door. Some of the reason is they want to meet me and another reason is because I’m a math teacher. I think that’s a subject a lot of students know how to help their child with the math,” she said.

If the teachers, parents, and students all work together in unity while forming some type of connection between each other, any student can be successful. With this strong teamwork students can reach their dreams.


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