Whetstone High School’s Braves Messenger Broadcast Seeking Student Stories

by Mr. Smith

For the past few months, the Braves Messenger has been silent. While we have published a few stories on the website, we have not had a broadcast since we transitioned from a class to a club.

It’s time to get the Braves Messenger back! Our first step on this path is to establish a monthly publishing schedule and put out a call for submissions.

Any Whetstone student interested in reporting on Whetstone events are welcome to participate. We are looking for interviews with students/staff/faculty (videos preferred but written interviews are welcome, too!), photos of school events and activities, and creative writing (stories and poems are welcome!).

The first deadline for the February broadcast is February 10.

Here is a tentative production schedule for the rest of the 2022-2023 school year:

February 24 (stories due February 10)

March 24 (stories due March 10)

April 21 Stories (stories due April 6-before spring break)

May 26 (stories due May 12)

If you are a Whetstone student interested in getting involved, please use the link below to join our club, the Whetstone Braves Messenger (video Newspaper) club!


Featured post

Whetstone HOCO Dance Returns

by The Braves Messenger

On Friday September 16 the Braves held their first HOCO dance since 2019.

Demand for the dance was huge, with all of the originally allotted 400 tickets selling out quickly. 75 more tickets were released and those too were snatched up. The numbers at the dance warranted a move from the traditional cafeteria to the school gym.

Whetstone picked two seniors-Alexis Stokes and Clinton Brown as their Homecoming Royalty.

The theme was Hollywood and the students who attended the dance were treated to paparazzi, red carpet and a Whetstone PTA sponsored photo booth.

One of the highlights of the night was the entire gym dancing the “platinum shuffle” together.

The Lost Art Of Snail Mail

by Olivia Cobbs

How To MAke Snail Mail:

  1. Get out a normal blank envelope and let’s start jazzing it up!
  1. Find any decorations that you can put on the envelope: Dried Flowers, Stickers, Stamps, PAint, Etc
  1. Start with paint or markers and make a simple design to start with.

  1. Add the return address at the top left and the receiver’s address in the middle. Make it fancy and do some cursive or font calligraphy!
  1. Start adding decorations! Go crazy and have fun with it! I added dried flower stickers, a stamp, a wax seal, and some thread.

  1. Voila! You are done! Time to write that letter and send it off in the mail. Have fun and get creative!

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